D.I.V.A. Challenge!!

Divas are you ready to rock in the new year and create a new you? Be sure to checkout my new dance fitness classes that are sure to get you started on your way! We have chosen an awesome charity that part of the proceeds will be going to! So join us for a mind, body, and soul experience! To register or for more information visit us Online!


How MB wears it: Pretty Ruffle in White

I found this picture of my last visit to ATL for the Hotlanta Salsa Congress. We had an AMAZING time at the congress and I had a blast meeting all our fashion Family as well as welcoming the newcomers! During our congress travels our schedule is so hectic so as usual I go for "No Fuss" clothing! Here I took our "Pretty Ruffle" LegLovers in white(this was their pre-release) and paired them with an over sized tailored blouse, mini skirt, and high waisted belt. It was a fun and comfy look that allowed me to dance, work, and play a lil of course! The fabulous lady in the pic with me is noneother than Joby Brava! A wonderful dancer/performer now in ATL. Joby and i will be teaching at the 2011 Stilletto Retreat in Asheville. More details TBA. Checkout our "Pretty Ruffle" LegLovers also in pink and red on our Online Boutique!


Congrats to 2 Power Divas!!!

My Lil' Big Sis Mika graduated from ODU last week and I found these pics on my camera. While there I also saw Cassandra, I want to wish them both a huge congratulations on their accomplishments!!!


I LOVE our LegLovernista's!!!

Shout out to Trish Adams, our Hott Sexy LegLovernista out of VA. I bumped into Trish while she was rockin our LegLovers at her job! 2 things I really love: 1) Pretty Girls who rock our brand 2)Puerto Rican Food. LOL Trish is both not only does she represent LegLovers proud but she also works at Lola's(a Puerto Rican restaurant) serving good food after my own heart :). You guys know I like to eat! You go Trish! Welcome to our fashion family! See what other Pretty Girls Rock on our WEBSITE!


The winners of MB's 12 Days of Giving!

Congrats to the Winners of my 12 Days of Giving Contest! The following winners will take home great swag from one of my FAVE retailers: International Rebel Club, Victoria Secret,MB Academy of Dance Expression, Bath & Body Works, LegLovers by Marquita Bianca, D'Shavel Couture, and Etniq Cosmetics!

1. Lorena Lopez
2. Mikeyah Abrams
3. Dhalia Rodriguez
4. Amber Ivey
5. Damon Law
6. Jessica Tudor
7. Tomeria Allen
8. Scott Baker
9. Shari Williams
10. Taryna Owens
11. Lisa Littles
12. Kaessie Letton

Winners will recieve a confirmation email with information about the prize they won and how it can be redeemed! Enjoy!


How MB wears it!

The awesome thing about our LegLovers by Marquita Bianca brand is that it really looks great with so many looks! I attended a casual Christmas party this past weekend and with the snowy mix of weather I just wanted something comfortable that wouldn't give me to much hassle through the night. I paired my "Liquid Nite" LegLovers over a pair of traditional leggings with a classic striped tank and bolero cut jacket with of course, a 4 inch pair of heels! Be sure to checkout our new LegLovers in our Online Boutique! And keep your questions coming! I love to hear from you!

Are you part of our Leggy Fashion Society?

If you are not a part of our LegLovernista Fashion Society yet you might want to make the jump! There are many perks to being part of our Fashion Family including being able to shop our brand before anyone else does!
Why join?
-Recieve email updates of new merchandise 3 days before we release it to stores or online shoppers!
-Recieve Coupons to MB's fave retailers across the country to help you save on other fab items
-Great Gift giving tips for all occasions
-and automatic entry to promos, contest, and ALL FOR FREE!!

P.S if thats not tempting the Very Sexy Fishnet LegLovers I'm wearing in this pic will be released tomorrow to our LL Fam in 4 COLORS join Today at www.MarquitaBianca.com!

A Blast in Charlotte

This pic was sent to me from my recent trip to charlotte. We had such a great time for that weekend. I really love Charlotte and can't wait to go back and visit for the CIAA. I got to cook a great Puerto Rican meal for my BF's just like my dad used to make. Thanks to my girls that really helped me through a really tough weekend.


Fuel efficient Santa!!!

On my way to Charlotte I happened to glance over and there he was Santa riding in a Prius!! So Halarious. So of course Im the crazy, soccer mom bringing out my camera but Santa was really cool about it! He even gave a wave. OOO be sure to check out the reindeer ears lol.


So Inspired!!

This past weekend I was honored to be able to speak at this years 1st annual 757 Divas Conference! The room was filled with such powerful women and it was such a blessing to me! I love being able to share my career, visions, and hopes with women all over but I left out of this conference more blessed by hearing everyone else! I hope that the young Divas can take something and learn from each one of us and continue to pursue their dreams! Big Congrats to Veronica "Mz Royal V" for putting on such an amazing event! Be sure to visit the Diva Conference WEBSITE and find out how you can help make a difference!

Get the Poshe Look!

I'm so excited to let you guys know that my brand LegLovers by Marquita Bianca is now being carried by Poshe Boutique. The very stylish store is located in Norfolk, VA and is definetly a must see if you live in the area or are stopping through! Be sure to check out all the new LegLover Styles in their store!!


My Photoshoot for Rebel Club Collection 3

Have you guys seen the new Int'l Rebel Club Collection? I had the opportunity to shoot for Brennan's new collection that released Dec 1st! Myself and some other amazing Divas did a power packed photo shoot with the one and only Dexter Cohen! Our makeup was done by multitalented Dhalia of Mzfashioncloset.com! I'm a big fan of this line and you guys know I don't lend my face to many things so def take the time to check it out! In between shots I of course had to take some behind the scenes pics for you!! View them in my GALLERY. Be sure to checkout www.rebel-club.com to see the new collection and how you can get yours!

PS: Rebel Club is one of my MB's 12 days of Giving Gift Sponsors!


Best seats in the House!

Va Beach had an amazing parade to kick off the holidays and after such a busy day of working and photoshoots I was lucky enough to be able to watch the entire parade from my living room with a glass of wine of course! Did you guys catch any holiday parades?

Take your LegLovers to the Office!

I get alot of emails from you guys asking me style tips about how to wear your LegLovers. I really love our product and wear them all the time for many different reasons. The most common way of course is thigh high with your mini skirts or mini-dresses but the LegLover brand has so much diversity to it that it doesn't stop there! I love to pair my leglovers with really feminine skirts and dresses to give it a "legging" or "jegging" look! I wore this look recently into the office on a chilly day when I had a FULL day of meetings, work, and errands. I even met a friend after for drinks. Pairing our Spot Me Black LegLovers with a black flare skirt and simple collar black top really gave the outfit the pop it needed. To round it up and bring it together I paired it with a white high wasted belt. I am a big fan of comfy sexy clothes that are no fuss and that don't require me tugging at them. In a busy day who has time for that! If you haven't tried this look, do it! And be sure to send me pics on how it turns out! I love to see all your styles!


A busy yet Amazing Day!

Yesterday was such a BUSY day! But many great things occured. It has been a while since I have gotten to do a photoshoot that hasn't dealt with our brand and I'm so excited that there are many new projects on the horizon. I had an opportunity to shoot with Celebrity Photographer Rob Harrison and talented make up artist Kim Woodbridge. They took a great concept and we had a great time! I hope you guys enjoy the pics! Be sure to checkout the rest on www.MarquitaBianca.com. You can find both Rob and Kim on facebook! Enjoy!


How MB wears it!

Hey Divas!! I get many questions from you about how you can incorporate your LegLovers into your wardrobe and I LOVE recieving all of your pictures! I read through ALL of your questions and do my best to answer them in my blog when time permits. I thought I'd share a super sexy way to wear your LL's if you have used them as a legging or thigh high and would like to try something different. We call it "the bootie" look and its folding your LegLover down so that it hugs your ankles like a pair of ankle boots. This style works really well with skirts below the knee, jazz up a classic dress, and bring life to a new shoe! I use this look when I am hitting a red carpet and wear my leglovers on the way to my destination to stay warm but instead of eliminating them from my outfit I make them a part of it! Have you tried something creative with the way you wear your LegLovers? Send me a picture! legloversbymb@gmail.com if you have sent in your picture..Thanks! Be sure to check our online boutique to make sure we displayed it :)

xoxo, MB


Two people you REALLY need to know!

I am so exhausted from my schedule but last night I was able to catch the M.U.S.I.C Charity concert featuring Joe Tann, Sanura, and a few other very talented singers/songwriters. This was an awesome show and I really enjoyed myself. If you haven't been able to checkout Joe Tann be sure to visit his website to checkout his music, concert dates, and more!
While there I ran into the one and only Veronica "IamRoyalty" Wiggins! V is sooo talented and you definetly have to checkout her Blog .


Take your persona to new heights!

I have had many messages from you guys with questions about the industry, business, and my career in general. I REALLY love reading and carry a book in my purse everywhere I go..you never know when you will have to wait or might have a spare sec! So I decided that I would share some of the books that I have read and am currently reading that help me along the way to formulate my mind in the right direction or to give me great business tips! So to start, I wanted to share one of my absolute faves!! I really respect Donald Trump, maybe not for many personal decisions but we cannot deny he has amazing "staying power" in the industry and now not only is he rich but his name and brand stand for quality. Trump can sell a potato sack just because his name is on it. If you are looking to gain some great tips for your business this book talks about how Trump maintained much of his staying power by keeping his public persona "very" public! The book was very easy to read and at times I really couldn't put it down! If you've read it I'd like to hear what you think. Also if you have any book selections I carry be sure to share it!


My interview with En La Escena.com

I found these pics from my interview with En La Escena.com while I was in New York for the NY Salsa Congress. I had an amazing time in New York but it was soo much going on I am still finding pictures from our trip. We had interviews, dancing, and of course our mobile boutique. I head back to New York at the begining of the year and can't wait! Checkout my Gallery for more pictures.


How does Lex travel?

Lex is one of the most special dogs I have ever met. He is a joy to have and there are so many great moments with him on my travels. We spend a lot of time on the road and he always gets the best pictures taken of him. I found this one from our recent trip to Charlotte...btw in most of the pictures he is usually sleeping LOL.


Go Red or Go Home!

Thanks to everyone sending me such sweet notes about what was a VERY big step for me in going Red lol. It originally was for my Halloween costume as Jessica Rabbit which turned out AMAZING but as the days are going by it is really growing on me so I have decided to keep it for a while! I think its really important to switch up things with your fashion, accessories, shoes etc. Its a great way to not tire out, become complacent and gives you the ability to express yourself! I have not had a dull day as a red head lol. If you are in the Hampton Roads area my Stylists name is Carla G. She has been doing my hair for years and she is truly the only one I trust to take care of it and also tell me what does NOT look good! If you are looking to get something done give her a call 757-305-8195 and tell her I sent you! She has amazing specials every friday for sew-ins and more! I'll keep you updated on all my "Red Tales" :)


Naval Station Norfolk!!!!

I had an amazing 2 months this year traveling and helping the different area military celebrate this years Hispanic Heritage themes. Thank you to all of the military personnel for making me feel so welcome on each trip. To see pictures from all my stops visit my GALLERY.


Dwight from ATL Housewives loves LegLovers!

While in Atlanta Dwight from Atlanta Housewives and I stayed in the same hotel. While I was teaching my salsa workshop he stopped by our mobile boutique and fell in love with our LegLovers. He even took time to take a pick by the booth for me for when I got out of my class but then to my surprise he stopped by my salsa class TOO! LOL He is a riot trying to get the steps down it was a good time!


LegLovers are for everyone!

LegLovers are truly for everyone! We have the best clients and they are of ALL ages and backgrounds! I love my Leglovernista Family! Have you stop by our Online Boutique? Visit today to Browse & Shop!

Wendy & Rodrigo run our store!

Our good friends Wendy and Rodrigo from Charlottesalsadance.com in North Carolina decided to try out their skills in selling LegLovers at our mobile boutique at the Hotlanta Salsa Congress this past weekend. They have amazing spirits and just like Felipe and I they are down right silly! Checkout the other pictures in my GALLERY of our trips funny moments!


ON1 Vs ON2...

While in ATL my good friend Eduardo Diaz asked me to assist him with his workshop and add some sexy styling for the ladies. Eduardo is from Atlanta and is one of the baddest ON1 dancers I know and while he is VERY fluent in ON2 salsa his class instruction is based ON1. When he asked me to join his workshop I did without hesitation because even though my preference is ON2 a great dance is a great dance. Don't lump yourself into a category in dance. Do what you do for the love of doing it no matter what genre or timing it may be. Some of the best dances I have ever had have been both ON1 & ON2! The best thing about practicing an art is that it can grow and flourish for what you want it to be. Think of your dance art in that way. Practice it, experiment with it, and grow with it! Stretch your limits and no matter what keep on dancing!


My YouTube Channel

I had an amazing time at this years NY Salsa Congress!!! I just finished posting all the videos to my MB Youtube Channel! Check it out and subcribe! My next stop is Charlotte this weekend, then HotLanta and I will be shooting a video Diary for you all! :)

LegLovers on the Catwalk at this years VFA's!!

It was a honor to be nominated for this years Up and Coming designer category for Ready to Wear but it was AMAZING to see the girls RIP the Runway in some of our new styles. I posted all this pics on our Fan Page on FaceBook.


Lex Loves Treats!

Lex's amazing spirit allows me to catch the best most moments of him on camera! This pic has a great story behind it. When it was time to give Lex his first heartworm dose I thought I would have to get creative in the way I gave it to him so I decided to put it in a teaspoon of peanut butter. Something said to me just try giving it to him and see if he'll take it without the PB and he did what?.....scarfed it down. LOL. So I gave him praise like after everything he does but I was still stuck with the teaspoon of PB. So I decided that the PB would just be his treat and the result of that was this picture of him licking the spoon CLEAN! There are soooo many pictures just as hilarious as this one and I will share them over time. Til then...Enjoy!


Fitting "The Diva" Griselle Ponce in LegLovers

The New York congress was such an amazing event for our brand and Im so humbled by all the support our clients have shown. I think I have enough pictures to have something new to show you guys for months lol. One of the awesome things about congresses is that it allows you to see some of your dance idols up close and personal. I am one of those people :). The picture above is myself fitting "The Diva" herself, Griselle Ponce. On top of being an absolute beauty she is an amazing dancer. Be sure to visit her website www.griselleponce.com and check our FB FanPage for more pictures from the Congress.


I finally met Kim K!

OK so It was Kim K's wax figure which Madaam T's I would say got some what accurate :). I had a ball being a tourist in New York and I wanted to share more of my pictures with you. These pics are from when I went to Madaam Tousaund's Wax museum in NY. This was my first time visiting and I had a great time being silly with all the figures. Check out more pics in my "Personal Pics" GALLERY

Burju's New Hot Shoes!

Ok Divas! I'm so excited to give you girls the scoop about my girl Burju's new celeb shoes that are out! These new shoes are being designed for some of the salsa industries most sought after salsalebrities. At the NY Congress we were able to catch up with one of our very own LegLovernistas Shani Talmor. I had to take a picture of her new shoes...isn't it to die for? Not only that but Burju Shoes and LegLovers by Marquita Bianca has teamed up to save you money on your addiction. Visit our Online Boutique to get your COUPON Today! Enjoy!


Finally Back from NY!!!!

I just got back from the 10th Annual NY Salsa Congress put on by my good friend Choco Knight. The event was amazing from the dancers to the performances. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves! New York is such an amazing city and I always love visiting because there is so much to do. Although, I want to spend every minute touring the great city my trips there are usually never for pleasure but I did take some time out to see a few things this time, I'll share those with you later. So back to business, the LegLovers Team arrived Thursday eve to the Hilton NY (absolutely gorgeous hotel) and we got straight to work. We have the most amazing clients in NY, they are so creative and edgy so it really makes styling them a great pleasure. Thanks to all our loyal LegLovernistas for not only your purchases but also your presence. We also welcome many other Leglovernistas to our fashion family from Bermuda, Italy, Australia, Israel, Germany, Holland, Canada, France, and all over the world. I took many photos on the MB Cam and will be sharing them with you over the next few weeks. Checkout the dance, workshop, and our mobile boutique pictures in my GALLERY.


Who's team are you on?

I had an awesome time at the release party for the reality dating show "Who Diggs Me?" I can't wait for you guys to see the episode where the daters came to take salsa lessons with me! After seeing the 1st two episodes I've decided I'm Team Aaron! I'll be sure to keep you guys posted of when the show airs so you can tell me whose team you're on! For now, I posted behind the scenes pictures in my Gallery. Enjoy!


Back From Pura Vintage in Richmond!

We had an amazing time in Richmond at Latin Vintage's "Pura Vintage" event! The shows were amazing and despite some technical difficulties everyone had a great time! I wish Julissa and Orlando all the best with their new ventures in Richmond! We look forward to visiting again. If you guys are in the Richmond area be sure to checkout their 1st Friday events www.LatinVintage.com. Pictures of the event are up on our LegLovers Facebook Fan Page!


Let's Go Tides...Let's Go!

I went to the Tide's game this weekend and had a great time! It was a night off...can you believe it? Like the new LegLovers Hand Fans?


My new Class & Social information!

I'm so excited about our dance company growth in all areas: students, our dance team, and classes! You guys are doing an amazing job at conquering this dance we all love so much! I have great news! Not only are we adding an extra class next month but we also will have a NEW Monthly Practice Social. You guys asked for it and we are making it happen. Nothing too formal! Just bring you and your willingness to get down on the dance floor! For more info visit our Dance Company website.


My New Studio MB collection Launches!

Im so excited that our first set of LegLovers from my Studio MB collection has now released! We have some amazing fabrics and colors coming out to keep your muscles warm and keep you looking great on the dancefloor! Check out our store on www.marquitabianca.com!
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I am nominated for Best Designer at VFA's!!

I'm so excited to tell you guys Ive been nominated for Best Up and Coming Designer in the ready to wear category for the Virginia Fashion Awards! This is such an honor and I'm so thankful to everyone for their support and love through this whole process! I will update you guys on all the juicy behind the scenes details!
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Have a Sweet Tooth!!!

I have gotten many messages from you guys asking where you can order my line of Marquita Bianca Cupcakes so I wanted to repost the information for you! Im so Glad you guys enjoyed them...they are very addicting! If you live out of state the bakery will even overnight the cupcakes to you! Enjoy!

Silverspoon Bakery Located in Portsmouth Virgina. Click HERE to visit their website.


Friends are the best assest you can have!

I just found this pic from when Jfer and I went to Bill's show last weekend. Pics like this remind me how blessed I am to have Great people in my world. Hold your friends close and release those that aren't.

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Behind the Scene at "Who Diggs me"

I just wrapped my taping for the new show "Who Diggs me?". I had a great time with the cast and think you guys will really enjoy this episode. If any of you have taken a class with me you know I don't take myself too seriously so we really have a good time! I will keep you updated on when this show is supposed to air and post more pics soon!


LegLovers at "Fashion for a Cause"

I'm so excited in the results of our fashion segment for this weekends Fashion Show. Thanks to all the models who ripped the runway in our fashions. Special thanks to Crystal Diggs the Fashion Show coordinator and our spokesmodel for LegLovers..Jennifer Santiago de Leon! More pictures are available on my Master site in our "Gallery"! I'll post more as they come in from the photographers and press! :)


My friends DLai & Bill Bellamy came into town!

This was a great start to a very hectic weekend! I took my goods friends Rob & Jen to see Dlai & Bill perform here at the funnybone. As usual they were halarious and I really needed the time with my friends. As my company grows my schedule is more demanding and the more I see I truly need great people around me. Love You RobiFer!

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