Look what the kids taught me!

I love all my kids in my elementary dance classes. They are a riot learning my hip hop routines and just whatever I throw at them! They decided that it was time that they teach me something and of course they decided it would be hula hooping! I have not hula'd since I was probably 8 which was a LONG time ago so you can imagine how many times I dropped my hoop. My girls by the 5th time of dropping it said, Ms Bianca you're really good at dance but NOT at hula hoop!" I told them like everything else you just have to practice!


MB in the News

My photoshoots have had some unexpected visitors but for my recent Snow Day shoot it happen to be the Virginian Pilot. We got some really great shots out of this shoot but of course the one pic that makes the front page of the newspaper is when I was in the midst of ALL the snow falling from the trees! LOL so cold but still a very fun shoot. Celebrity photographer Rob Harrison turned the tables on the photog and took shots of him shooting me afterall the entire shoot the VA Pilot photog was shooting Rob shooting me.


Behind my Snow Day shoot

I had an awesome time at my snow shoot today with Celeb Photographer Rob Harrison. Of course it was SUPER cold but I thought I would share one of the behind the scene pics with you of when ALL the surrounding trees decided to dump snow on me LOL. The pics turned out amazing! I'm glad to be back home thawing out :). I'll post more behind the scenes pics very soon!