Singers, Hosts, MC's, etc My 5 tips to care for your voice!

My career has grown from just being a dancer to Hosting/MC'ing events, acting as brand ambassadors for products, conducting radio interviews, and shooting TV commercials for products.  In this journey I never really spent much time thinking about my throat health.  When teaching dance or training I have a tendency to loose track of time because I'm so passionate about what I do but with passion comes wear and tear.  Here are a few tips I now use to make sure I'm in optimal condition no matter what the day hands me :)

1. Drink plenty of water with lemon juice and no ice-  I LOVE water but with dance its almost impossible to not crave it 24 hours a day.  I always make sure to carry my own bottle of fresh lemon water from home so I don't get stuck in a class with out it!  

2. Drink Honey and lemon water at tea temperature to soothe a sore throat before I grabbing something store bought.

3. For voice over, singers, and other professionals try to conduct (if you can) your rehearsing in rooms that are climate controlled and not too cold.  Cold temperatures affect our mucous levels and put a strain on our voices.

4. REST!!! I honestly can say that I teach, host, tape, and work my voice about 16 hours per day when I have even a moment of down time I try to rest as best possible. The body repairs itself as we sleep make sure your giving it enough time to do so.

5. Try to limit alcohol intake! And NO SMOKING!  I'm Italian I love wine I am also Puerto Rican which makes me loveeee many other things :) everything in moderation is key however, smoking is the end all when it comes to damaging your voice amongst other things.  If your making a career with your voice and you are a smoker you are bound to run into challenges eventually.  The idea is to be a great steward over our body so it can endure the many wonderful experiences we choose to see in life.  If we can cut out small things to help it reach its potential, why not? Just my thoughts!

Who sacrifices Fashion on the Dance Floor? Not me!

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