Best seats in the House!

Va Beach had an amazing parade to kick off the holidays and after such a busy day of working and photoshoots I was lucky enough to be able to watch the entire parade from my living room with a glass of wine of course! Did you guys catch any holiday parades?

Take your LegLovers to the Office!

I get alot of emails from you guys asking me style tips about how to wear your LegLovers. I really love our product and wear them all the time for many different reasons. The most common way of course is thigh high with your mini skirts or mini-dresses but the LegLover brand has so much diversity to it that it doesn't stop there! I love to pair my leglovers with really feminine skirts and dresses to give it a "legging" or "jegging" look! I wore this look recently into the office on a chilly day when I had a FULL day of meetings, work, and errands. I even met a friend after for drinks. Pairing our Spot Me Black LegLovers with a black flare skirt and simple collar black top really gave the outfit the pop it needed. To round it up and bring it together I paired it with a white high wasted belt. I am a big fan of comfy sexy clothes that are no fuss and that don't require me tugging at them. In a busy day who has time for that! If you haven't tried this look, do it! And be sure to send me pics on how it turns out! I love to see all your styles!


A busy yet Amazing Day!

Yesterday was such a BUSY day! But many great things occured. It has been a while since I have gotten to do a photoshoot that hasn't dealt with our brand and I'm so excited that there are many new projects on the horizon. I had an opportunity to shoot with Celebrity Photographer Rob Harrison and talented make up artist Kim Woodbridge. They took a great concept and we had a great time! I hope you guys enjoy the pics! Be sure to checkout the rest on www.MarquitaBianca.com. You can find both Rob and Kim on facebook! Enjoy!


How MB wears it!

Hey Divas!! I get many questions from you about how you can incorporate your LegLovers into your wardrobe and I LOVE recieving all of your pictures! I read through ALL of your questions and do my best to answer them in my blog when time permits. I thought I'd share a super sexy way to wear your LL's if you have used them as a legging or thigh high and would like to try something different. We call it "the bootie" look and its folding your LegLover down so that it hugs your ankles like a pair of ankle boots. This style works really well with skirts below the knee, jazz up a classic dress, and bring life to a new shoe! I use this look when I am hitting a red carpet and wear my leglovers on the way to my destination to stay warm but instead of eliminating them from my outfit I make them a part of it! Have you tried something creative with the way you wear your LegLovers? Send me a picture! legloversbymb@gmail.com if you have sent in your picture..Thanks! Be sure to check our online boutique to make sure we displayed it :)

xoxo, MB


Two people you REALLY need to know!

I am so exhausted from my schedule but last night I was able to catch the M.U.S.I.C Charity concert featuring Joe Tann, Sanura, and a few other very talented singers/songwriters. This was an awesome show and I really enjoyed myself. If you haven't been able to checkout Joe Tann be sure to visit his website to checkout his music, concert dates, and more!
While there I ran into the one and only Veronica "IamRoyalty" Wiggins! V is sooo talented and you definetly have to checkout her Blog .


Take your persona to new heights!

I have had many messages from you guys with questions about the industry, business, and my career in general. I REALLY love reading and carry a book in my purse everywhere I go..you never know when you will have to wait or might have a spare sec! So I decided that I would share some of the books that I have read and am currently reading that help me along the way to formulate my mind in the right direction or to give me great business tips! So to start, I wanted to share one of my absolute faves!! I really respect Donald Trump, maybe not for many personal decisions but we cannot deny he has amazing "staying power" in the industry and now not only is he rich but his name and brand stand for quality. Trump can sell a potato sack just because his name is on it. If you are looking to gain some great tips for your business this book talks about how Trump maintained much of his staying power by keeping his public persona "very" public! The book was very easy to read and at times I really couldn't put it down! If you've read it I'd like to hear what you think. Also if you have any book selections I carry be sure to share it!


My interview with En La Escena.com

I found these pics from my interview with En La Escena.com while I was in New York for the NY Salsa Congress. I had an amazing time in New York but it was soo much going on I am still finding pictures from our trip. We had interviews, dancing, and of course our mobile boutique. I head back to New York at the begining of the year and can't wait! Checkout my Gallery for more pictures.


How does Lex travel?

Lex is one of the most special dogs I have ever met. He is a joy to have and there are so many great moments with him on my travels. We spend a lot of time on the road and he always gets the best pictures taken of him. I found this one from our recent trip to Charlotte...btw in most of the pictures he is usually sleeping LOL.


Go Red or Go Home!

Thanks to everyone sending me such sweet notes about what was a VERY big step for me in going Red lol. It originally was for my Halloween costume as Jessica Rabbit which turned out AMAZING but as the days are going by it is really growing on me so I have decided to keep it for a while! I think its really important to switch up things with your fashion, accessories, shoes etc. Its a great way to not tire out, become complacent and gives you the ability to express yourself! I have not had a dull day as a red head lol. If you are in the Hampton Roads area my Stylists name is Carla G. She has been doing my hair for years and she is truly the only one I trust to take care of it and also tell me what does NOT look good! If you are looking to get something done give her a call 757-305-8195 and tell her I sent you! She has amazing specials every friday for sew-ins and more! I'll keep you updated on all my "Red Tales" :)