How MB wears it!

Hey Divas!! I get many questions from you about how you can incorporate your LegLovers into your wardrobe and I LOVE recieving all of your pictures! I read through ALL of your questions and do my best to answer them in my blog when time permits. I thought I'd share a super sexy way to wear your LL's if you have used them as a legging or thigh high and would like to try something different. We call it "the bootie" look and its folding your LegLover down so that it hugs your ankles like a pair of ankle boots. This style works really well with skirts below the knee, jazz up a classic dress, and bring life to a new shoe! I use this look when I am hitting a red carpet and wear my leglovers on the way to my destination to stay warm but instead of eliminating them from my outfit I make them a part of it! Have you tried something creative with the way you wear your LegLovers? Send me a picture! legloversbymb@gmail.com if you have sent in your picture..Thanks! Be sure to check our online boutique to make sure we displayed it :)

xoxo, MB

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