Go Red or Go Home!

Thanks to everyone sending me such sweet notes about what was a VERY big step for me in going Red lol. It originally was for my Halloween costume as Jessica Rabbit which turned out AMAZING but as the days are going by it is really growing on me so I have decided to keep it for a while! I think its really important to switch up things with your fashion, accessories, shoes etc. Its a great way to not tire out, become complacent and gives you the ability to express yourself! I have not had a dull day as a red head lol. If you are in the Hampton Roads area my Stylists name is Carla G. She has been doing my hair for years and she is truly the only one I trust to take care of it and also tell me what does NOT look good! If you are looking to get something done give her a call 757-305-8195 and tell her I sent you! She has amazing specials every friday for sew-ins and more! I'll keep you updated on all my "Red Tales" :)

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  1. I think it is a great look and Carla G. is a great stylist. Way to go MB on your fearless move to go red!