Back home from Duke University!

What an incredible weekend! Our Hip hop dept, its directors, dance team, myself and a few parents traveled to Duke University where a few of our staff family members taught workshops, spoke on Q&A panels, and danced til we dropped.  Its so rewarding to see my staff family at work. The knowledge they left the students with along with the experience is a memory that will last forever.  I learn and grow by the day at Baila Fuzion. This weekend allowed me moments to practice pressing forth to understand before being understood.  As a leader you grow as fast as the amount of space that you are open.  Love, love, love my staff family!


MEAC 2015

I'll be performing halftime Live with my BFDC Sista Ro and a great musical artist! So stoked! Tournament will be broadcasted Live on networks across the country! Tune in!

Did you miss my interview?

How is it to be interviewed live on a national holiday in the middle of storm watch in your city? One word: HECTIC. After my interview being moved up a month a huge storm decided it was going to bless my beloved city with 4 inches of snow the same day!  Luckily, we were able to successfully complete our interview and get the heck outta dodge before the snow caused too many problems.  Didn't get to see my interview when it aired? Here is the link to check it out! Thanks for all who tuned in, sent me messages, posted screen shots! <3 nbsp="" p="">