Motivational Monday:

In thinking about my personal growth I began to view times in my life that I feel I have grown steadily as both a person and artist. When you feel your best dont you feel you can conquer the world? Take a moment to think about a time when you felt you were at your best. Once you have that thought remember what were some of the things that made you feel that way? Once you think of those things which more than likely were a certain habit you can start to duplicate those habits helpful to feeling at your best more consistently. In my remembrance of my best I realized the habit that helped me to feel on top of the world was staying organized. I notice a huge difference in my day and productivity when I'm organized. In order to feel this way and be at my best consistently I have now made it a point to organize my day, to do list, clothing options the night before. The improvement is extraordinary!
Try this simple exercise to get back to being at your best consistently! Be sure to let me know how this post has helped you!