New Studio coming soon!

1st shot in my new dance studio opening October 1st! So excited!! Wanna see the schedule? Visit BailaFuzion.com


Fashion Fetish with BellaDulce!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first fashion event! From amazing vendors to food and networking to dream building it was a success!


Motivational Monday:

In thinking about my personal growth I began to view times in my life that I feel I have grown steadily as both a person and artist. When you feel your best dont you feel you can conquer the world? Take a moment to think about a time when you felt you were at your best. Once you have that thought remember what were some of the things that made you feel that way? Once you think of those things which more than likely were a certain habit you can start to duplicate those habits helpful to feeling at your best more consistently. In my remembrance of my best I realized the habit that helped me to feel on top of the world was staying organized. I notice a huge difference in my day and productivity when I'm organized. In order to feel this way and be at my best consistently I have now made it a point to organize my day, to do list, clothing options the night before. The improvement is extraordinary!
Try this simple exercise to get back to being at your best consistently! Be sure to let me know how this post has helped you!


My Vintage look make up rundown!

Just came back from DC and I've received a few messages about what make up I use especially as a dancer so I look the same when I start the night as I do when I'm ending it! I'll be the first to tell you I sweat and when I dance I leave my soul on the floor! Probably why I sweat bc it's a lot of work! You'd be surprised that some of the things I use consistently and love so much are brands you can pick up from your neighborhood drugstore!

-Loreal True Match liquid foundation W7
-Concealer & Highlighter: Elf
-Eye shawdow: Fergie Center Stage "Dutchess Lounge" Wet n Wild
-Eyeliner(Water line): Cover girl perfect point plus in "onyx"
-Eyeliner (lid): Infallible super slim liner
-Eyelashes: Cherry Blossom 113
-lips: Elizabeth Arden
Mist n Setting spray by Elf

Hope this helps everyone! It doesn't take an expensive makeup to stay on all night for dancers or fab ladies in general! XoMB


Had a Blast at the DC Salsa Congress!

Just got back home from the DC Salsa Congress and I had an awesome time! Great dances, amazing food of course and catching up with friends was priceless!  DC for me is a second home to VA its where I learned, developed, and truly fell in love with Salsa.  Traveling back and seeing my mentors is an amazing feeling! I did have about 20 seconds to be a tourists lol I posted all my pictures in my Gallery. xo

Fashion recap: Olive Ole Jumpsuit (looks like a dress but the legs are slit to the thigh), Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Jewelry: Flower pin(vintage gift from mom). Gold cuff & earrings (boutique in ATL)


Surprise Birthday Kickoff!

Today was so awesome my Senior dance class surprised me with cards, balloons, and 8 cans of silly string before I taught our final review dance class. They are such amazing souls and Im truly blessed to be surrounded by such people!


Happy Birthday V!

Last night I celebrated my great friends birthday along with my other sisters of love! You can't beat great company, conversation and tons of laughs! Keep your girlfriends close! Those that are good to you deserve to be cherished!


Volunteer to fight against child abuse & bullying!

This Saturday I and many others will be at the Children's Fundango Festival here in VA Beach to raise awareness about child abuse and bullying as well as putting on a great time for the kids! Everything from dancing to crafts (like hat making just like mine in the picture) If your in the area we are still in need of volunteers!


Kicking off Spring with Color & BellaDulce!

Happy first day of spring everyone! For my appearance on the Hampton Roads Show today it felt so good to break out the color from my closet in honor of our first day of spring!  I cant wait for the warmer weather to kick in!!! My music note shirt is BellaDulce, Blazer is H&M, Turquiose skinnies from Tarjay (Target), Pumps are Steve Madden and scarf from my girlie Bina! Enjoy your day dolls! xo


Hampton Roads Show Today!

Excited to swing by Wavy TV's Hampton Roads Show this am!

What a great Senior class!

We had some really great volunteers came out to dance at my class today! I have 50 women in my class and each of their faces brightened when the volunteers walked in! Thank you guys for taking the time to volunteer! xo


Follow me on keek!

I'm excited that they created an app that you can now share short video clips without having to upload them to YouTube! I have a keek acct now! Follow me @MarquitaBianca! xoMB


Takeover Tuesday: My Tips for a Resume that will WOW!

Hey Fam!  I have brought Takeover Tuesday back on my blog after receiving many questions from you all about different areas of business, beauty, and fitness! 

Q: MB, you have a unique career and I'm a stylist looking to apply for work; since I don't have a stuffy career I don't want a stuffy resume or should I stick to the basics regardless? Help!

Shanek, Washington DC

1. Turn Stiff into Creative: Just because this is a resume doesn't mean it cant have personality.  In fact, without your personality what makes your paper different from another qualified candidate.  Be sure to come across very professional but make sure your resume reads friendly and knowledgeable.

2.  Classic Font never goes out of style:  There are certain things that should remain constant on a resume and that includes not having a flashy font that's not readable.  Georgia or Times New Roman are best and between 10-12 size work well.  The only time I say to veer away from this is if your position is in the field of graphic artist or similar.  At that point you could push the envelope a little more. At the end of the day whether its a manager, owner, or HR representative looking at your resume they are looking for the facts!

3.  Relevancy wins every time:  Make sure that the first things your potential employer sees is going to be what is relevant in building value for your position within their company then follow that with other pertinent information.  Realistically as an employer we look to scan a resume 10-15 seconds for information we see valuable it would be ideal if those things weren't at the bottom of the page.

I wish you and the rest of my readers good luck on your current and future job hunts!  xoMB


Fashion Friday: 2013 Spring Trends I love!

Bermuda Shorts!!!  Such a great short to have for day and night looks!
Stripes the new polka dots? Well nothing can replace my signature but this trend will give us another staple pattern to work with.
For those that have ever felt torn about wearing leather too early or too late in the season the trend is coming back in full force! Even the men are breaking out with leather trends on their jacket sleeves,   t-shirts, and more!
Def one of my faves this far! Sport dresses will give every woman tomgirl or fashionista a great reason to let the legs be front and center this spring!
Black & White! Can't escape the classics!


Spring colors report!

Im happy to see some colors that will be taking front row this spring that I havent made it a priority to wear! It will be fun trying new things!


Great Day at Channel 13 News!

I had a great time interviewing for our Dancing with the Senior Program today at Channel 13 News! Thanks to everyone who texted, IG, and wrote such sweet encouraging things! xoMB


Happy Valentines Day!

Have a great day filled with Love & Laughter! <3 p="">

Absolutely Hilarious!

I just saw my first video of The "Harlem Shake" trend moving through the nation and these are my fave two. Have you guys seen these? You know I love a good dance video!


My Grammy Faves!

There are so many mixed reviews about the grammy fashion this year but being a woman that doesnt stay in a box helps me to keep a creative point of view when it comes to the A-listers that seem to dissapoint everyone else! Heres to the creative, the boobs, the legs, the sheer, and the Beyonce ;)! 


BellaDulce's Pucker Up Giveaway!

I love free stuff and I know you do too so I was excited when BD posted their first giveaway of 2013! I'm super excited to be a part of it! Entry starts Today! Good Luck! xoMB


Casual for an outing with mum!

We have such great friends and family today mum and I headed to my honorary uncle Baxters restaurant change over! The food was amazing! I would post it but you know it's nonexistent if I'm near it lol. I did get to be casual and break out my new fave electric blue cheetah hinge earrings! I'm not even sure what city I brought these in but I know I love them!

Wearing BD in DC for the day!

Meetings and more on this very confusing 70 degree day of winter in VA but my BellaDulce Sunnies make me feel like Im in Miami everyday! Have a great day dolls!


My new closet room!

I'm having a blast turning my spare room into a closet boudoir! I started by purchasing all the racks and holders I would need for my extra clothes( I also have a full closet in the room as well) so this is an under construction picture and I will update it as I start adding more decorative touches! I really want to get artsy and include many DIY projects! Should be fun!


Loving BellaDulce this New Year!

Love this #BellaDulce dress from our New Years Shoot! Hope everyone's New Year has kicked off with great fashion! www.belladulceclothing,com


Go TCC Norfolk!

I had a great week as we kicked off new classes at TCC Norfolk campus and the students did excellent! Looking forward to week 2!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mums birthday! From mani/pedis to opening her new Adam Lavine guitar she is such a rolling stone! Love her! Now she says she is gonna make music for me to choreograph to LOL


Follow me on Pose!

Anybody have to Pose App? It's like a Facebook for style and fashion! You can like people's style or outfits comment and even see where they purchased it! It's pretty interesting and I love all the inspiration! Download the app in your marketplace and follow me @marquitabianca! 💋

TCC Spring Fair

Today was the TCC Engagement Fair!  I had an awesome time meeting all the different department staff and students.  I look forward to bringing some funky BailaFuzion flavor to their college campus! For my class info visit my Dance Company Website!


BellaDulce is gearing up for 2013!

I had such a great time at my BellaDulce shoot for New Years! I look forward to all things that this years has to bring for the brand, the dance company and everyone we reach!  Blessings to all my readers and your families!  Stay tuned for a fun packed year! xoMB Visit BD's website