MB Biz tips: Win before 10am!!

The best way to kick off your day is getting all your unmotivating factors or large tasks out the way. There is nothing more empowering than getting through the day completing your to do list! When making your task list try completing those draining non-motivative tasks before 10am. Then the rest of your day you will find to be a breeze as you will feel less pressure!

So hop to it!
-Call that dissatified customer
-Hit the Gym


A peek into our new Norfolk Class Location!

When you think it might be just a dance studio then you HAVE TO take a second look. I am so happy about our new home in norfolk. It has been a goal of ours to provide classes for our students in multiple cities. If you were not able to make it to our open house this month I have added some photos of not only the studio but also the amazing spa on the 1st floor. It is truley a beautiful place! We hope you stop by soon to check it out for yourself. For more photos checkout our dance company page on Facebook.


MB Biz tips: Build your network

Networking is so crucial to the growth of your business and in most cases is the cheapest form of advertising you can do. You will also find that you can accomplish more if you build a strong network of reliable colleagues. Here are a few tips that will help you to network Bigger and Better!

1. Step out of the "network box": Not all networking has to be solely done at networking events. Some of the best relationships you will ever make will be in the most random places you can imagine. Plan to be ready to network wherever you go.

2.Leave the script at home: People like to be spoken to as people and not just a potential client or customer. So don't break out of the park trying to sell your product or service. Let people ask questions and request a business card if they want more information. This will also help you save from giving cards to people who have no intent on using them.

3. Take a network with you: Spread the wealth by inviting some friends or colleagues along with you to functions. This is a great opportunity to spend time with them and help further every ones business.

4. I'm interested in you!: Imagine how impressed you are when you run into someone you gave your card and they checked out your business whether through reading your blog, visiting your website or stopping by your office. Pay this forward or return this to others. Even if a persons service is not for you it doesn't mean you cant pass the information on. Some of the best referrals come from those you never knew were even paying attention!

Try these tips and let me know how they work for you! I'm always interested to see how your businesses are blossoming! Go Big or Go Home!


Dance filled Days!

Our Dance Company staff and volunteers is having a blast kicking off the summer with music and culture. We have now been a guest for the Stockley Gardens Festival for 3 years and each year gets better and better. Thanks so much to my good friend Jon and friends who came out to jam with us for the awesome event.
Then yesterday we Officially kicked off moving into our new location in Norfolk. I'm so happy that my students had an amazing time trying out all the new classes we have to offer! June is going to be a great month and we are all excited to dive into Dance! Be sure to friend us on Facebook and for our Full Class Calendar check our Website.


Checkout my Featured Interview!

I definetly am a fan of Mz Fashion Closet's blog and was thrilled when she asked if I would do a featured interview with her. You can read it HERE. And don't forget to checkout the contest she is running to get some FREE LegLovers by Marquita Bianca merchandise! Good Luck!


1 Step Closer to my DVD release!

This whole process of shooting my new workout DVD has been amazing. From the photographers, MUA's and the staff everyone has made this a memorable experience. I posted more behind the scenes shots from my most recent shoot this past week. We took this shoot to the beach to get both stills and movement footage that will be included on my DVD. I can't wait for you guys to see! You may have already checked out the shot (shown above) that Jay DoubleU one of my fave photogs posted on facebook.Click Here for my MB Cam pics!


MB Biz: Power in your To Do List!

I have received many questions from you all on different parts of my business and overall operating. One of the main questions is how I stay so organized. All my friends laugh at my endless To Do List but the reality is they are such a vital part to me succeeding on the path to my goals! There are only a certain amount of hours in the day and once they are gone you cannot get them back. Have you been trying to use your time more efficiently? Are you looking to get more things done in the course of your day? Here are the steps I use to organize my To Do list:

1. My Anything & Everything(A&E) goes page: I start by writing down EVERYTHING that needs to be done. Yes I mean everything! If I have to take my poochie Lex to the groomer it goes down or if I have a private Lesson it goes down and so forth. Take all of the things you wish to get completed and make your A&E Page.

2. Divide & Conquer: Make categories for your task that cater to your world. For instance I normally break my list down into 4 major groups (Personal, Business, Empire, Household) Personal is for the things I want to get done for me and only me. Business includes my clients, contacts etc. Empire is everything that pertains to the needs of my business. Finally, household is daily living chores, family issue, etc.
I go down my list and put a P, B, E, or H by each thing listed to start conquering the breakdown. Keep this list as you will use it and continue to add to it. You can also prioritize for which task require urgent action.

3. Today's the Day: Make a reasonable list of things you will get done each day this week on a separate page. Cross them off your master page as you place them into your weeks calendar. For extended Goals that are weeks or months out. Put the actual date down on your calendar and work backwards to place your weekly and daily to do list for them.

*Always keep your master to do list handy for when an extra moment arrises. You can sneak one more task in :)


A Lil Taste of MB

Ive gotten alot of emails from you guys about the recipe list for drinks that were served at my birthday party. The Cruzan liquor company made these recipes for us and they are Super Yummy! So try them, be sure to let me know what you think and Don't Forget to Drink Responsibly(and be over the age of 21) :D


MB Biz: When your job fails you

You walk into the office Friday morning confident, self assured, and focused. Your workday seems to go by effortlessly and you find yourself planning what will seem to be an amazing weekend because after all it is "Pay Day"! As you complete your 8 hour shift your supervisor calls you into their office only to tell you that this will be your last day working for the company because your position is being eliminated. Now the same walk into work has turned into a daze of confusion followed by a bitter storm of emotions. You ask, "How can they do this to me?" or "How did I not see this coming" and "What am I going to do now?"

Life on a normal day flows at the speed of lightning but when you feel you have no options how much faster does it seem to go by? Has this been you or feel like it could be in the near future? If you see this coming or just as a way to safe guard yourself for Success:

1. Keep a strong network: A network is good for so many things but mostly so if anything does happen you have a circle of career oriented individuals that you can tap into for support and job leads.

2. Get your "Financial House" in order: Seek what your options are as far as refinancing, downsizing, and restructuring payments of your various bills/loans.

3. Never stop looking: No Employer ever commits to you for life so why should you? Never stop looking at other job opportunities. Not only will this keep you on top of your situation but it will also keep sharp about what employers are looking for.

How can this happen and You still come out on top? Lets outline the Dos and Dont's:

-You are no one's pity party: Most likely your employer will be worse off after letting you go then you will. Many decisions to relieve employees of positions are rash decisions made due to a low sales day or sales quarter. Many instances can be worked out but lets be honest, if an employer doesn't see you as enough of an asset to keep you and try to work with your position or place you somewhere temporarily while the "hard times" pass. Then WHO NEEDS them! You keep your head held high!

-Classy always wins over Stupidity: As much as you may want to flip every ones office desk over refrain from doing so and keep the classy you in tact. Don't give anyone any negative stories to use against you as an ex-employee. This employer may one day be able to hire you back. If the job is worth it you may want to keep that relationship door unlocked.

-Pay me!: Don't be afraid to negotiate a parting payout such as severance, unused vacation pay, etc. The most anyone can ever say is No and we should never be afraid to ask for what we are worth! This goes also for filing for unemployment.

-Take time to find out your next step: It may take a few days to get your head clear and get back on the motivation path. Take the time you need to rest, re-amp yourself, and develop what your next step is going to be.

Preview my DVD Cover!

This is one of the shots that was considered for the Preliminary DVD Cover for mine and Ken Williams(BBK) coming out midsummer! Our Photographer behind this shoot is the one and only Jay Double U. He also produced the headshot that I showed you all in one of my previous blogs. I can't wait for you guys to see the actual cover! I'm so excited about the DVD coming out as another step for my growing brand! I'll be taking you guys on even more behind the scenes in my blogs and having some of my stylists, MUA's & more share their visions during my projects. How often do you get to witness the birth of a brand from the start. It's such an experience and I want to share all the tips of the trade to inspire those looking to do the same! Stay tuned!


My Mobile Office

I'm always on the road or in the air so I had to create the MB Mobile office to make sure operations at MB Enterprises still runs smoothly! I'm on my way to DC and in the 3 hours I will have all my web operations completely updated. How are you doing business on the go?


My Workout DVD Cover shoot

I am so excited about my upcoming workout DVD and recently we shot the cover shots for it! I of course took my MB Cam so I could get all the behind the scenes fun. View my Photogallery Can you believe this headshot though? Its Gorg! Our photographer Jay DoubleU decided he wanted to take some test shots while I waited for Ken to get ready and that shot was one of them. I can't wait for you to see the rest!


We Hit 700!!!

Thanks to every who helped us to reach 700 Fans on our LegLovers by Marquita Bianca FB Fan Page!! It has been an amazing experience to see the brand grow and how much you all love it! I love you for your support!
Are you a Fan yet? Click here to visit our page and join our Fashion Family!!

xoxo, MB



I had an amazing Birthday! Thanks so much to everyone who attended and helped put together what ended up being a weekend full production! Pics from my cam are posted on MY WEBSITE and look for MANY others to come from the other media that was there. I'll be posting more of my fave moments later :) xoxo


2 Great things to celebrate on a Tuesday!

Not only is today the release of one of my bestee Veronica Wiggins very much anticipated new novel, "Who said Common sense was common?" but its also her birthday! 2 great reasons to celebrate this tuesday! Be sure to visit her website and pick up her book before it sells out! Visit her online at www.whatsupwitv.com! This is a MUST READ! When you place your order be sure to get one for yourself, your sister and your mother! Don't have a sister? Its ok buy one for a woman whom you may love as a sister! I luv you V and wish you much success!!


Stopping by Jay Everyday Radio in NY!

The girls and I stopped by Jay everyday to let everyone know about the conference this past weekend as well as my girl Veronica's new release of her book this tuesday! While there we got wrapped up in a very juicy convo about men being intimidated by women. Will be posting video soon!! Be sure to checkout www.jayeveryday.com


Are you Ready to get DRESSED?

Are you ready for this awesome event?

Goodbye NYC!!!

I had a blast in NYC with my girls at this years NY Diva Conference! Now time to head home! Ill have a full event wrap up, How MB wears it, and much more through out this week!


Who is that girl!

I had to ask myself the same question! Jhawn of creative artistry did a Fab job designing my birthday bash save the date! If you need any design work he is your guy!


OMG Look what I found!

In unpacking one of my boxes I found one of my first 106&Park scripts! Brought back cool memories.


CeCe's sick Nail Design for me

CeCe always knows how to create a great new design for me everytime I get my nails done! They also always tend to go with whats going on in my event schedule in some weird way. This time she did a Black and Metallic Silver design. It matched my dress and shoes perfectly for bartenders ball. Check her out on Facebook!

How MB wears it: Gold Goddess

You guys know I love Sexy Comfy so leaving out for a night to hang with the girls I paired a silky gold top and skinny jeans with my "Gold Goddess" LegLovers and folded them to make the "bootie" look. For our Spring in between weather look it was perfect for the chilly night but wearing Gold always make you feel Fab!


Getting ready for the Ball!

Alot of people helped with my look for this weekends bartenders ball. I love my good friend Maria Anna for doing a glam job with my make up! Maria was also the MUA behind my look as "Jessica Rabbit" for halloween! For Marias contact info email me: marquita.bianca@gmail.com

Get Fit with MB tip

If you are like me and go straight from bed to work then eating breakfast may not happen. So in an effort to be quick and healthy I grab a non fat yogurt and a cup of fruit. Today was strawberry yogurt over pineapple. It tastes great and gave me a burst of energy to power through the am! Make it a great day Dolls!


Congrats to our New LegLovernista!

I had an amazing time at CTG's "Admired and Desired" Party! My brand LegLovers by Marquita Bianca was a sponsor of the event giving away apair of our classic Blk Leglovers and Leglover Tank! This was the lucky winner! Welcome to the new Fashion Family!


How MB wears it: Pretty in "Gypsy" Pink!

I recently attended fellow nominee and winner of "Up and coming best designer" Vernato's private spring campaign party. For my look I wanted to go with a lighter feel since we are supposed to be in spring (even though the weather is not agreeing with us). Our new "Gypsy" edition LegLover by Marquita Bianca is one of our most beautiful pair yet! Its full of gem tones and is just all around girly with a bold twist! Try this LegLover with Shorts or a spring dress! This style is available online and at select authorized retailers! Visit our Official site to view our retailers and online store!


So much going on at MB Enterprises!

April is going to be an exciting month for MB Enterprises. There are so many things for our clients to enjoy from our new bikini bootcamp classes, to Ladies Adult dance team formation, Spring break classes for the kids, and new LegLovers by Marquita Bianca merchandise! Be sure to check out our Master Site for all the upcoming details on next month's busy happenings!


We're in the League Magazine!

We really love our brand and we are so happy that so many others Love it too! Today while working I was flipping thru The League Magazine and found a recent photoshoot with our LegLovers on Model & DJ B*Ryte. Special thanks to Stylist Mikasa La'Charles. Checkout DJ B*Rytes full feature on newsstands now! Wanna checkout the brand? www.MarquitaBianca.com


Look what the kids taught me!

I love all my kids in my elementary dance classes. They are a riot learning my hip hop routines and just whatever I throw at them! They decided that it was time that they teach me something and of course they decided it would be hula hooping! I have not hula'd since I was probably 8 which was a LONG time ago so you can imagine how many times I dropped my hoop. My girls by the 5th time of dropping it said, Ms Bianca you're really good at dance but NOT at hula hoop!" I told them like everything else you just have to practice!


MB in the News

My photoshoots have had some unexpected visitors but for my recent Snow Day shoot it happen to be the Virginian Pilot. We got some really great shots out of this shoot but of course the one pic that makes the front page of the newspaper is when I was in the midst of ALL the snow falling from the trees! LOL so cold but still a very fun shoot. Celebrity photographer Rob Harrison turned the tables on the photog and took shots of him shooting me afterall the entire shoot the VA Pilot photog was shooting Rob shooting me.


Behind my Snow Day shoot

I had an awesome time at my snow shoot today with Celeb Photographer Rob Harrison. Of course it was SUPER cold but I thought I would share one of the behind the scene pics with you of when ALL the surrounding trees decided to dump snow on me LOL. The pics turned out amazing! I'm glad to be back home thawing out :). I'll post more behind the scenes pics very soon!


How MB wears it: A Great Gray Day

Sometimes gray is seen as so blah but it can be so comfortable and fun! For my recent day of shopping and errands I paired a gray sweater vest, our classic gray LegLovers and my super comfy ankle boots! This look was warm, comfy, and perfect for my long day of so much to do!


Our 1st AD of 2011

I can finally show you guys our ad and I'm super excited! LegLovers by Marquita Bianca has come so far since we launched in November last year! I'm thankful to all our friends, family, and especially our LegLovernistas that have been showing the world truly how Pretty Girls Rock!!!!!

Photocredit: Rob Harrison Photography

On set for WWRadio Photoshoot

I'm so excited about my radio segment for Deja's View on World Wide radio! I get to share with you tips on fitness, how to stay healthy and keeping the food you love in your life just doing it the MB Fit Way! Checkout my behind the scenes pics! I'll be posting air times very soon!


Congrats to the Winners!

I'd like to wish all the contestants congratulations as everyone worked really hard during the competition to become Mr & Miss' 757. In the end Karen and Reuben took home top honors with Dion and Brandi following it up with 2nd place. Everyone looked so great! Big Congratulations to everyone! All the work you guys did paid off!! Check out my MB Cam pics!


Malik from the Game + Russell Peters= 1 Fun Weekend

It was a fun filled celeb weekend! 2 people I really enjoy were in town. On Thursday I headed out to see Celeb Comedian Russel Peters and he was absolutely hilarious! Beyond him spending a good 10 minutes talking about my triracial nationality not being possible and of course my ooooh sooo red hair he had an amazing set. Its great when a comedian can joke along with his audience but they are not offensive! So Russel hung out the weekend and we bumped into each other around town and had some great inside jokes. Such a great night! Then to top it off on Friday Hosea (Malik Wright) hosted a party here me and my good friends Papa Doc, Donta, Omarie got to have a great night out! After a long day of shooting for our next ad campaign it was great to just hang out with good friends!

I whip my head back and forth!

I had so much fun in my photoshoot this weekend with Celeb Photographer Rob Harrison! Our recent campaign ad shows you 3 great ways that our LegLovers can be worn and for our fun club look we thought it'd be great to have a hair whip head movement. It took only a few takes but it was my "Willow Smith" moment! Atleast we accomplished the shot with me keeping my balance in 4 inch heels! I can't wait to show you guys the new official ad!


Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Happy Birthday to my mom! Such a great person and inspiration!

How will you remember your Valentines!

My goodfriend and Celebrity Photographer Rob Harrison is giving a great special on photos and makeup for Valentines Day! If you need the perfect gift to give there is nothing like a sexy, romantic shoot! The above flyer has all the details! Don't forget our limited edition Valentines LegLovers are coming soon! Reserve your pair now for your photoshoot!


1 week until our DIVA FIT Challenge!

Take note that our DIVA FIT Challenge event will now begin Next Tuesday Jan 25th!! Be sure to register by this Wednesday Jan 19th at NOON in order to get your Tshirt order processed! REGISTER NOW