MB Biz: Power in your To Do List!

I have received many questions from you all on different parts of my business and overall operating. One of the main questions is how I stay so organized. All my friends laugh at my endless To Do List but the reality is they are such a vital part to me succeeding on the path to my goals! There are only a certain amount of hours in the day and once they are gone you cannot get them back. Have you been trying to use your time more efficiently? Are you looking to get more things done in the course of your day? Here are the steps I use to organize my To Do list:

1. My Anything & Everything(A&E) goes page: I start by writing down EVERYTHING that needs to be done. Yes I mean everything! If I have to take my poochie Lex to the groomer it goes down or if I have a private Lesson it goes down and so forth. Take all of the things you wish to get completed and make your A&E Page.

2. Divide & Conquer: Make categories for your task that cater to your world. For instance I normally break my list down into 4 major groups (Personal, Business, Empire, Household) Personal is for the things I want to get done for me and only me. Business includes my clients, contacts etc. Empire is everything that pertains to the needs of my business. Finally, household is daily living chores, family issue, etc.
I go down my list and put a P, B, E, or H by each thing listed to start conquering the breakdown. Keep this list as you will use it and continue to add to it. You can also prioritize for which task require urgent action.

3. Today's the Day: Make a reasonable list of things you will get done each day this week on a separate page. Cross them off your master page as you place them into your weeks calendar. For extended Goals that are weeks or months out. Put the actual date down on your calendar and work backwards to place your weekly and daily to do list for them.

*Always keep your master to do list handy for when an extra moment arrises. You can sneak one more task in :)

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