MB Biz tips: Build your network

Networking is so crucial to the growth of your business and in most cases is the cheapest form of advertising you can do. You will also find that you can accomplish more if you build a strong network of reliable colleagues. Here are a few tips that will help you to network Bigger and Better!

1. Step out of the "network box": Not all networking has to be solely done at networking events. Some of the best relationships you will ever make will be in the most random places you can imagine. Plan to be ready to network wherever you go.

2.Leave the script at home: People like to be spoken to as people and not just a potential client or customer. So don't break out of the park trying to sell your product or service. Let people ask questions and request a business card if they want more information. This will also help you save from giving cards to people who have no intent on using them.

3. Take a network with you: Spread the wealth by inviting some friends or colleagues along with you to functions. This is a great opportunity to spend time with them and help further every ones business.

4. I'm interested in you!: Imagine how impressed you are when you run into someone you gave your card and they checked out your business whether through reading your blog, visiting your website or stopping by your office. Pay this forward or return this to others. Even if a persons service is not for you it doesn't mean you cant pass the information on. Some of the best referrals come from those you never knew were even paying attention!

Try these tips and let me know how they work for you! I'm always interested to see how your businesses are blossoming! Go Big or Go Home!

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  1. I really like these tips Marquita...thanks for sharing.