Take your persona to new heights!

I have had many messages from you guys with questions about the industry, business, and my career in general. I REALLY love reading and carry a book in my purse everywhere I go..you never know when you will have to wait or might have a spare sec! So I decided that I would share some of the books that I have read and am currently reading that help me along the way to formulate my mind in the right direction or to give me great business tips! So to start, I wanted to share one of my absolute faves!! I really respect Donald Trump, maybe not for many personal decisions but we cannot deny he has amazing "staying power" in the industry and now not only is he rich but his name and brand stand for quality. Trump can sell a potato sack just because his name is on it. If you are looking to gain some great tips for your business this book talks about how Trump maintained much of his staying power by keeping his public persona "very" public! The book was very easy to read and at times I really couldn't put it down! If you've read it I'd like to hear what you think. Also if you have any book selections I carry be sure to share it!

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