A busy yet Amazing Day!

Yesterday was such a BUSY day! But many great things occured. It has been a while since I have gotten to do a photoshoot that hasn't dealt with our brand and I'm so excited that there are many new projects on the horizon. I had an opportunity to shoot with Celebrity Photographer Rob Harrison and talented make up artist Kim Woodbridge. They took a great concept and we had a great time! I hope you guys enjoy the pics! Be sure to checkout the rest on www.MarquitaBianca.com. You can find both Rob and Kim on facebook! Enjoy!

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  1. You look just lovely here Marquita....una belleza! Love that purple accent chair too.

    Once I get the pics from Crick's shoot I'll upload them to my blog and link your site to it.

    Oh and I'm now following you so please keep in touch with me and follow me back. :-)