ON1 Vs ON2...

While in ATL my good friend Eduardo Diaz asked me to assist him with his workshop and add some sexy styling for the ladies. Eduardo is from Atlanta and is one of the baddest ON1 dancers I know and while he is VERY fluent in ON2 salsa his class instruction is based ON1. When he asked me to join his workshop I did without hesitation because even though my preference is ON2 a great dance is a great dance. Don't lump yourself into a category in dance. Do what you do for the love of doing it no matter what genre or timing it may be. Some of the best dances I have ever had have been both ON1 & ON2! The best thing about practicing an art is that it can grow and flourish for what you want it to be. Think of your dance art in that way. Practice it, experiment with it, and grow with it! Stretch your limits and no matter what keep on dancing!

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