Lex Loves Treats!

Lex's amazing spirit allows me to catch the best most moments of him on camera! This pic has a great story behind it. When it was time to give Lex his first heartworm dose I thought I would have to get creative in the way I gave it to him so I decided to put it in a teaspoon of peanut butter. Something said to me just try giving it to him and see if he'll take it without the PB and he did what?.....scarfed it down. LOL. So I gave him praise like after everything he does but I was still stuck with the teaspoon of PB. So I decided that the PB would just be his treat and the result of that was this picture of him licking the spoon CLEAN! There are soooo many pictures just as hilarious as this one and I will share them over time. Til then...Enjoy!

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