Are you part of our Leggy Fashion Society?

If you are not a part of our LegLovernista Fashion Society yet you might want to make the jump! There are many perks to being part of our Fashion Family including being able to shop our brand before anyone else does!
Why join?
-Recieve email updates of new merchandise 3 days before we release it to stores or online shoppers!
-Recieve Coupons to MB's fave retailers across the country to help you save on other fab items
-Great Gift giving tips for all occasions
-and automatic entry to promos, contest, and ALL FOR FREE!!

P.S if thats not tempting the Very Sexy Fishnet LegLovers I'm wearing in this pic will be released tomorrow to our LL Fam in 4 COLORS join Today at www.MarquitaBianca.com!

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