Pitching New clients! What I've learned!

Pitching new clients is important no matter what industry you are in. This is something we should focus on getting great at! Here are tips along the way that I have now made my guidelines when Im pitching clients for both my companies!

1. Know your client: If you are pitching the client you should first research the client. The quickest way to get dismissed is for lack of knowledge.

2. Dress the part: Im a fan of #Teamoverdressed. You only have 1 opportunity to make a difference don't waste it being boring, regular, or anything else that will make you forgettable.

3. Stick to the facts, Why you? Make sure you build value. Why would this company benefit working with you? How will you add value to their process? Have this pointed out in whatever material you'll be providing them.

4. Be You! People sew into you then into your business. Be genuine with your approach. No shade as an employer we can tell! ;)

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