Devoted conference!

Tonight was so powerful and not only that but such a blessing! I was able to get
Out of my studio to attend something that I truly believe has changed me as a business owner, a woman, and friend down to the core! Devoted women's conference was amazing! Tonight Wendy Treat spoke about wearing layers of a person that is not you! How true??!!
On this journey of growth myself I find staying true to who God wants me to be and how he wants me to reach people in the arts and with art...I stand in awe of how much I learn.  The biggest thing I walked away with tonight is to lift the expectancy and faith I have now to level 10, to dare to believe what I may never have(or would've been scared to) before!
Ill be sharing more from the conference as Ill be attempting to attend Saturday night service! I'll also be posting a few book reviews of Wendy's that you'll find helpful in your journeys of growth so remember her name! Be great fam!

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